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Killer Looks: John Norman Collins and the Michigan Murders

It started in July of 1967.  Young women in a small college town started to go missing.  They would later be found dead. Their bodies mutilated.  
It would be two years before the killer would be found. 
No one suspected the cute, clean cut college kid.
Looks can be deadly.

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A Crime to RememberA New Kind of Monster, December 10, 2013,1050722&hl=en
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Poisoned Truth: James Joseph Richardson

Imagine losing your entire family to murder and the police blame you for the heinous crime. You are then locked up for life in prison.

Poisoned Truth is the story about lies, hidden depositions and lost documents.  It's a story about a flawed system. One that failed a family and community.

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Posed For Murder: Debbie Gama

Debbie Gama was 16 years old when she stormed out of her house, like most teens she was upset about a fight with her mother.
Debbie never came back home.
Her body was found 5 days later in Cussewago Creek.
The town was shocked when they found out who was responsible for her death.

And we were shocked to find out who else shows up in this web of murderers.

Be sure to listen all the way to the very end, we shared a few out takes

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The Greenough Family Massacre

Called one of the worst crimes in Western Austraila.
A mother and her three children were slaughtered while in their beds.
The attacks so brutal, the judge ordered details to be kept away from the public.
This episode left our hearts broken. 
Listener discretion is advised. 
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The West Australian
Crime Investigation Australia S01E12

Housewife to Homicide: Sharon Kinne

Sharon Kinne was not your average midwest girl.  She was a young housewife, loving mother and a a cold blooded murderer.
She chose her victims simply because 'they were in the way'.
If luck had a name, it would be named Sharon.


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