Wednesday, June 30, 2021

129. Hanging From A Cliff: The Crawford Family Murders

 In this episode, Jen tells Cam about one of Australia’s most infamous cases.

On July 2, 1970, tourists visiting the Loch Ard Gorge in Port Campbell see a yellow Hudson sedan 52 feet below the cliffs. Once the police bring the vehicle to safety, they discover the bodies of Therese(35), Kathryn (13), James (8), and Karen(6).

Therese, Kathryn, James and Karen

The police suspect the deaths to be murder-suicide. But, things aren't always what they seem.  When investigators enter the family home, they find a horrifying crime scene.

Join us as we discuss this week's episode Hanging From A Cliff: The Crawford Family Murders.

Age progression of Elmer Crawford. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

128. Special: Beyond the Rainbow: Mysterious Murder of Kevin Fret

Join Jen and Cam on this special edition of Our True Crime Podcast as we welcome our friend, CJ from ‘Beyond the Rainbow’ podcast as she presents the story of Kevin Fret entitled ‘Beyond the Rainbow: Mysterious Murder of Kevin Fret.’

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Death of Kevin Fret Highlights Crisis of Violence in Puerto Rico - Rolling Stone
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 This is a Special OTCP featuring ‘Beyond the Rainbow.’

24-year-old Kevin Fret was an up-and-coming Latino trap singer who also happened to be the first openly gay artist in the genre. On Thursday, January 10th, 2019, his life was cut short when he was fatally shot in the head as he was driving his motorcycle in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While questions still circle the crime, one thing remains true. No one has ever been charged with the murder and a killer still walks free. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

128. A Girl like Gwen: Gwen Araujo

 An anonymous phone call comes into the police in October 2002. On the other end of the line is a man who states he’s been hearing rumors and the rumors were so strong, he felt he needed to call the police. The man said he had heard that a body had been dumped near Half Moon Bay. Police arrive on the scene and aren’t sure what they have found but they know it is suspicious. They work to secure the scene and call for backup. Detectives arrive and work the scene. As they move the rocks, they now know that the 911 call was not just a tip but was responsible for leading investigators to a body.

Join Jen and Cam from Our True Crime Podcast as we discuss ‘A Girl like Gwen: Gwen Araujo.’

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126. The Slaying of Sweet Sarah Ann: Sarah Rairdon

 Please note: this episode was previously released as a Patreon episode.  Patreon episodes are not heavily edited and are done in a conversational tone, meaning there is more banter in this episode.  If this would offend you, please skip this episode and listen to another of our episodes.  Thank you!

***Warning*** this episode mentions child abuse.

Underwood Minnesota is as small-town America as it gets. With a population of around 300 people, it’s a rural farmland town, kinda a one-stoplight kind of town. May 20 in Minnesota started out as just like another spring day. The kids were getting excited as school was about to be out for summer break.  The weather was great and that summer feeling was coming on strong. One of the residents living a calm life was a 13-year-old named Sarah Ann Rairdon. Remember what was important at 13? Friends, clothes, and oh, and puppy love. Sarah was a great, reliable daughter so when she didn’t return home when she was supposed to, no one was immediately panicked. When minutes turn to hours, it becomes obvious something is wrong but who would harm sweet Sarah? The truth was under their noses and more brutal than anyone could imagine.

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss ‘The Slaying of Sweet Sarah: Sarah Rairdon’ on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

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125. The Chief, The Gym Rat and The Hitman

 Mark Tim Todd was raised in Herculaneum and it was right away that everyone knew Tim was going to be a standout in athletics. His dedication and his physique helped him become a stellar athlete. At 6’7 and 230 pounds,  it was no shock that he would be so successful in all sports, voted most talented his senior year as well as most handsome. Every boy wanted to be him and every girl wanted to be with him.  When Tim goes to work for a prominent police chief, it seems like the whole world is in his hands but all is not what it seems. When the fairy tale story ends, a person is left dead on the garage floor.

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss “The Chief, the Gym Rat and the Hitman’ on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

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