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#36 Footprint of the Devil: Jeanine Nicarico

Jeanine Nicarico is just like any other 10 year old. She likes to play with her friends, run around outside and go to school. So on February 25, 1983, when she woke up and wasn’t feeling good. She is running a fever and her parents suspect that Janine may have the flu. Even though she is just 10 years old, her parents decide to let her stay home by herself. When a stranger knocks on the door, she answers. Little did she know, the person at the door was the devil.

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#35 Buried Alive: The Kidnapping of Barbara Mackle

In 1968, Robert Mackle was one of the richest men in Florida, maybe even the United States.

Because of this, his daughter, Barbara became the target of kidnappers. Two gunman came in and stole Barbara. They then drugged her then buried her alive.

The FBI said it was the most bizarre kidnapping they had ever been involved in.

Cam & Jen thought one of the kidnappers was the most bizarre felons they had ever talked about.
 We are curious as to what you think.

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#34 Dying To Fit In: Kirsten Costas

 Kirsten Costas was a pretty and popular cheerleader who had just finished up her sophomore year at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California.

It was a warm California June day when a screaming 15 year old named Kirsten Costas ran into a stranger’s yard with bloodied clothes and collapsed. 

The murder of this beautiful girl would shock this affluent town but the identity of her killer would be the real shock.

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#33 Family Secrets: The Rouse Murders

During the night of June 5, a powerful storm was pounding down on Libertyville, Illinois. The lightning and thunder was said to be like nothing anyone had witnessed before. 

Sadly, the storm wasn't the only violent occurrence that happened during that ominous evening. The following morning, investigators are called to a sprawling estate to investigate a shooting.

What the officers would see at this home would stay with them for life and the event would scar a town and tear a family apart.

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#32 He Wouldn't Be Denied: The Sheri Randall Story

WARNING: This episode contains domestic violence which may be a trigger for some.

Sheri grew up in a small, mid-west town. 
Like many small town girls her age she married and had kids, but soon Sheri found her self single once again.
She started dating and found Michael. They dated for a short time before she decided he was not the one for her.
Unfortunately, Michael didn't agree.
This episode was written by Christina Maltby.  Chris is available for freelance writing gigs.
For more info contact her by email at

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#31 Blood on the Plow

In the 1980’s farmers were dealing with an economic crisis that few had lived through before them. 

Many who had always lived on the money that was generated by the agriculture they grew, were now facing financial ruin. The stress of the situation wreaked havoc on many farms across the Midwest and often that stress led to tragedy. 

On September 25, 1987, police were called to a local Missouri farm by a man who said he had just been shot. When the officers arrived on the scene, what they witnessed could only be described as a nightmare come to life.

#30 Ding Dong Dead: The Murder of Peter Fabiano

Late on Halloween 1957, Peter Fabiano answered the door thinking it was a a child looking for candy. Instead Peter got a bullet right in the chest.

No evidence was left at the scene. Was it a mob hit or did Peter have enemies no one knew about.

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#29 If I Can't Have You: Diane Delia

The year was 1980. Disco was alive and everyone was shaking their groove thing under the silver globe. One of the big party goers on the scene was a 21 year old gay man named John Delia. Delia began to flourish as a performer on stage at a local popular nightclub. He was born to perform and he loved the adoration. 

People took notice and wanted to be part of the action. One of his admirers would soon become his best friend and his tragic downfall. 


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#28 Gone From His Eyes: Angela Hammond Disappearance

It is 11:15 pm on April 4, 1991 and 20 year old Angela Marie Hammond is talking to her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, on a payphone in a small Midwestern town.  As the two are talking and laughing, Angela notices something strange. She becomes uneasy and tells Rob what she is witnessing. This would be the last time the two would ever speak again.

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#27 The Sweetheart Murders of UC Davis

On December 20, 1980, two college sweethearts go missing on their way to a birthday party.

The van they were last seen in was found 36 hours later over 30 miles away. The inside of the van was trashed.

The bodies of the young couple were located a few miles from the van.

Few clues make the case go cold.

It will not be until the advancements in DNA that the case would be solved

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#26 Famous to Infamous: Jennifer Mee

In 2007, Jennifer Mee was just an ordinary girl from Florida when at 15 years old she rose to fame as the “Hiccup Girl.” Mee, starting hiccuping one day and couldn’t stop.The young girl became a celeb of sorts because we all know how much America likes to makes stars out of nothing. Then on March 1 2007, the hiccuping just stopped and with it, the sudden fame slowly faded as well. The young girl would disappear into the vastness that is old news as the next human interest story would soon hit and be the next big thing. However the 15 minutes of fame would not disappear quietly as so often is the case but come around again.  In 2013, Jennifer Mee would once again make headlines but for very different reasons.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

#25 Insane in the Ukraine: Anatoly Onopreinko

36 year old Anatoly  Onoprienko- AKA The Beast of Ukraine, The Terminator, and Citizen O- was a Ukrainian serial mass murderer.
He confessed to killing 52 people, putting him among  the ranks of Gary Ridgeway and Andrei Chilatilo.  Still chances are high you've never heard of him.
Jen only gives you the cliff notes version of this story because she was totally unprepared and had only read one book on him. You can find more about Anatoly on Murderpedia

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#24 A Killer Among Them: The Gaffney Strangler

It is the late 1960's in Gaffney, South Carolina. The American South was still fighting for equality with the recent passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Newspapers across the nation would often lead with the battles being waged as they fought to  get access to separate but equal status. However one small Southern newspaper would receive a call that would leave four families devastated and steal a small town’s innocence. Join Jen and Cam as we discuss The Gaffney Strangler on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

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#23 The Pied Piper Of Tuscon:Charles"Smitty" Scmid, Jr

Charles "Smitty" Scmid, Jr  I'm just filling in space until Cam gets a few minutes to come on here and write a blurb.  I asked for one and she sent the entire story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  What a jokester!

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#22 The Moscow Maniac: Sergey Golovkin

In the 1980's, boys ages 10-16 were going missing.  Their mutilated bodies would later turn up in secluded wooded areas.
It took a while before police were able to track down the man that turned out to be one of Russia's most prolific killers.

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The 12 Nightmares Before Christmas :Day 12 Finale Cleveland Torso Murders

We did it, we actually did it. This is final episode in our 12 Nightmares Before Christmas series and it is a horrific case.
In a span of only four years, a ruthless killer was preying on the people of Cleveland but killing was not good enough for this sadist predator. Bodies were mutilated, decapitated, and castrated often with body parts still missing to this day. 
One of the biggest names in crime-fighting is called in to take over the investigation but can he locate and bring to justice America's Jack the Ripper? Join Jen and Cam as we discuss the Cleveland Torso Murders on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.
We hope you enjoyed listening to the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as much as we enjoyed making them. Both Jen and Cam wish you all the best 2019 has to offer you and your loved ones. See you on January 9.  Love ya! -OTCP
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The 12 Nightmare Before Christmas: Day 11 The Black Angel

Day 11
We are getting down to the final few episodes of our Holiday Special!
Jen tells Cam all about the The Black Angel.  He's known as one of Argentina's bloodiest killers.
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& Jen's teen daughter, Harper
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