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#50 Harry Moore and the Groveland Four

Harry and Harriette Moore and daughters
Samuel Shephard, Walter Irvins, Earnest Thomas, Charles Greenlee

On December 25, 1951, was a double celebration for Harry & Harriette Moore of Mims, Florida. Not only was it Christmas, but the couple were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. In those 25 years, the Moore’s had raised 2 daughters, taught countless children in segregated schools within Brevard County Florida, and founded the Brevard County chapter of the NAACP, just to name a few accomplishments.  It had become a tradition for the couple to cut their anniversary cake just as they had on their wedding day, arm in arm, hand in had.  As they sliced their cake that evening, they had no idea they would become the first assassinations of the civil rights movement.
Join Jen and Cam on this very special 1st anniversary Our True Crime Podcast episode as we discuss Harry Moore and the Groveland Four.

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Thurgood Marshall

Norma and Willie Padgett

Sheriff Willis McCall
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#49 The Chameleon Killer

Beverly McGowan
St. Lucie County Florida is a community located about 90 miles north of Miami and it is just what you would expect in sunny Florida-hot and humid. The area is a heavy on the wildlife with lots of swampy canals running throughout which empty into the famed Florida Everglades. For a killer, there is no better place to dump a body because if the weather doesn’t help decay the body fast, the critters will get it and within a short amount of time, there will be no evidence that a crime was ever committed. Or, at least, that is what a killer was hoping for but one July evening, fate was not on this killer’s side. A body was left behind and it would lead to years of trying to catch the infamous killer with lots of names. Join Jen and Cam as we discuss 'The Chameleon Killer' on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast
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Elaine Parent

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

#48 Missing Mistie Murray

On the morning of Wednesday May 31, 1995, Mistie Nicole Murray, age 16, told her parents she would be home late because she had band practice after school. She put on her green nylon Marching Band with the lettering SDHS Girls Band jacket, with "Mistie" on the sleeve and sat in her dad’s red TransAm with the top down, smiling and telling her dad how she will have her driver’s license soon.  Her father, Steve ruffled her hair, made a bad joke about women drivers as Mistie’s mother climbed in the car and they drove off to school. She attended all her classes and even visited the school nurse for reasons that haven’t been made available to the public.  Mistie called her mother, Anne, at the elementary school where her mom worked. The call was made around 3:00 pm but her mother did not answer the call and Mistie didn’t leave a message. This was not unusual as her mom was often busy especially at the end of the school day. What was unlike any other normal school day, Mistie never made it back home.
Join Jen and Cam as we discuss Missing Mistie Murray on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

Age-Progression to 28 (2006

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Mistie's Doe Network Link    

London Free Press 

 Damaged Angels

National Post

#47 Brotherly Hate: The Kehoe Boys

Located about 90 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas is a little area called the Illinois Bayou. It has everything that you would think a bayou would have: bogs, marshes and a very prehistoric kind of feel. Locals as well as visitors flock to the area to hit the water and see what kind of goodies they can reel in but sometimes the things that they catch on the other end of the line, is something no one would expect or want. That is exactly what happened, when a couple out for a day of fishing, reeled in a ghastly sight: a body part. Authorities rush to the scene and what they would uncover would only leave more questions and unveil a hidden sect of people who's strong beliefs include anti-government but does it also include murder?
Join Jen and Cam on this edition of OTCP as we discuss Brotherly Love: The Kehoe Boys.
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Monday, June 17, 2019

Bermuda, Bikers and Blood Summer Blast #5

Bermuda, is England's oldest surviving colony. With the beautiful brightly colored houses darting the shores, the pink sandy beaches welcome vacationers from all over the world.  So when 16 year old Becky Middleton hears about how gorgeous this dream like paradise destination is, she knows where she is going on her summer vacation. Middleton, and her best friend Jasmine Meens, had decided they were going to spend the summer there after school was out in June 1996. They wouldn’t be alone on the island as Jasmine’s dad was now living there after getting remarried. It was a dream come true for any teen girl but the dream would soon turn into a nightmare for all those they knew and loved young Becky.

Join Jen and Cam on the final OTCP Summer Blast episode entitled Bermuda, Bikers and Blood.
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Evil on the Oceanfront Summer Blast #4

Best friends Lynn Seethaler and Janice Pietropola had graduated together from the Penn Hills High School and with their newly found independence and financial freedom, Janice and Lynn decided they would take a nice little vacation together.  

 The last week of June 1973, the two young, vibrant ladies set off on a road trip to Virginia Beach. The two had rented a small cottage at Farrar’s Tourist Village, which was a small complex of vacation rentals right on the oceanfront.

 A bit after noon on June 30, the two women missed their checkout time. A motel employee went to the cottage to check on them.  Inside they found a bloody scene and both girls were found dead. Decades would pass before the person responsible for this would be discovered but was there even more?
Join Jen and Cam on the OTCP Summer Blast episode entitled Evil on the Oceanfront.

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a young Ernest and his family

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The Campfire Killings Summer Blast #3

It was Sept 13, 1982 when Detective Mike Eastham was summoned to a campsite in Wells Gray Park Provincial in Britt Columbia, Canada. Eastham was not quite sure what he was going to find but had been told there was a fire and they had discovered one body at that point. Once on sight, they located a car that was burned badly but there was no mistaking the bone fragments inside the car and those bones belonged to humans. Not  quite sure if there were one or two bodies inside the vehicle but they weren’t finished. Once the trunk was opened, the shock hit hard as two small skeletons were inside. Who would want this loving family dead? The answer would shock everyone. 

Join Jen and Cam on episode 3 of the OTCP Summer Blast series entitled The Campfire Killings.

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The LaPorte Indiana Strangler Summer Blast #2

On June 3, 1971, 13-year-old DeWayne Bush was reported missing from his home in Union Mills, Indiana. Police just suspected  he was a runaway. Three months pass when a deer hunter came across skeletal remains. It was confirmed to be DeWayne Bush. DeWayne’s death would not be solved for 12 years but, sadly, he would not be the last to be brutally murdered by a man who was able to blend in among the community. 

Join Jen and Cam on episode 2 of the OTCP Summer Blast series entitled The LaPorte Indiana Strangler
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Stolen in the Night Summer Blast #1

Summer Blast #1: Stolen in the Night
Camping is a family tradition that goes way back. It is a cheap way to bond and see the country and that is just what the Jaeger family wanted to do when they set off to Montana from Michigan.

It was Sunday June 24 and they were spending their last night in Montana’s Headwaters State Park. It was around 4am when 13 year old Heidi Jaegar woke up to some chilly air. There was a hole in the tent-a big hole. Heidi felt around the sleeping bag for her 7 year old sister, Susie, who was sleeping in that spot but it was only a sleeping bag. The family's dream vacation would turn into a very long nightmare. Police would apply a method that was unheard of in the early 1970's to help in the case. 

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss episode 1 in the Summer Blast series entitled Stolen in the Night on today's episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

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#41 Where Have You Gone Mr Robinson

Kansas City, MO
It was the summer 1984 and a local business man advertised for a sales representative secretary. 19 year old Paula Godfrey applied for the job and was thrilled to get the position. She was anxious to start her career with the hopes of it giving her the step up she needed. As Paula left the house, her smile was beaming as she waved goodbye to her parents. It would be the last time her parents would see that smile. Sixteen years later a knock upon a Kansas front door would unleash a secret horror story that only Stephen King could create.

#40 My 10 Inch Cowboy

A man and woman are found is dead inside a home.

Another man is found dead in a car parked outside of the house.

The only things missing are a wallet, cell phone and computer tower.

Police find printouts of sexy emails exchanged on an internet dating site.

The digital age brings us a lot of cool stuff, unfortunately it can also lead to murder.

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#39 The Candyland Scandal

He was rich, he was powerful and now he’s dead. Under the bloody blanket lay a man named Jacques Mossler. Mossler was not just any guy, he was the head of a $33 million banking and loan empire and his death, in this very luxurious apartment building, would soon turn out to be one of the most sensational media stories of the decade. 
Join Jen and Cam on this week's OTCP as we discuss The Candyland Scandal. 

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#38 Sex, Lies and Duct Tape 3 part episode

Julie Miller was a successful woman.  An executive in a major company in St Louis
After 10 years of spent taking care of her terminally ill parents, Julie was sad and lonely.
She thought the only thing that could make her happy was finding her Ideal Man.
She wished to settle down with a handsome professional man and start a family.
Sometimes wishes are deadly.

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Dying to Get Married by Ellen Harris
St Louis Post Dispatch

#37 Appointment with Murder

Many people fear going to the dentist for their checkups. Perhaps it stems from a previous negative experience as your dentist hit a nerve or the gnawing noise of the drill coming near you as you sit in the chair defenseless with your mouth wide open. The man you are about to hear about is a horror movie come to life. By day, a mild mannered dentist. By night,  for a price, he would take out your loved one. Join Jen and Cam as we discuss 'Appointment with Murder' on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast
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Resources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glennon_Engleman

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#36 Footprint of the Devil: Jeanine Nicarico

Jeanine Nicarico is just like any other 10 year old. She likes to play with her friends, run around outside and go to school. So on February 25, 1983, when she woke up and wasn’t feeling good. She is running a fever and her parents suspect that Janine may have the flu. Even though she is just 10 years old, her parents decide to let her stay home by herself. When a stranger knocks on the door, she answers. Little did she know, the person at the door was the devil.

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#35 Buried Alive: The Kidnapping of Barbara Mackle

In 1968, Robert Mackle was one of the richest men in Florida, maybe even the United States.

Because of this, his daughter, Barbara became the target of kidnappers. Two gunman came in and stole Barbara. They then drugged her then buried her alive.

The FBI said it was the most bizarre kidnapping they had ever been involved in.

Cam & Jen thought one of the kidnappers was the most bizarre felons they had ever talked about.
 We are curious as to what you think.

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#34 Dying To Fit In: Kirsten Costas

 Kirsten Costas was a pretty and popular cheerleader who had just finished up her sophomore year at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California.

It was a warm California June day when a screaming 15 year old named Kirsten Costas ran into a stranger’s yard with bloodied clothes and collapsed. 

The murder of this beautiful girl would shock this affluent town but the identity of her killer would be the real shock.

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#33 Family Secrets: The Rouse Murders

During the night of June 5, a powerful storm was pounding down on Libertyville, Illinois. The lightning and thunder was said to be like nothing anyone had witnessed before. 

Sadly, the storm wasn't the only violent occurrence that happened during that ominous evening. The following morning, investigators are called to a sprawling estate to investigate a shooting.

What the officers would see at this home would stay with them for life and the event would scar a town and tear a family apart.

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#32 He Wouldn't Be Denied: The Sheri Randall Story

WARNING: This episode contains domestic violence which may be a trigger for some.

Sheri grew up in a small, mid-west town. 
Like many small town girls her age she married and had kids, but soon Sheri found her self single once again.
She started dating and found Michael. They dated for a short time before she decided he was not the one for her.
Unfortunately, Michael didn't agree.
This episode was written by Christina Maltby.  Chris is available for freelance writing gigs.
For more info contact her by email at adolphineye67@yahoo.com

Eat Life Podcast
The Bazaar Cast
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Christina's Sources
Herald & Review
Moultrie County Arrest Records
Facebook Sheri Randall Memorial Page
Facebook Sheri's personal page
DOVE Inc's- Domestic Violence Program
JG-TC Journal Gazette 
Brief trial transcripts from Moultrie County court docs
First hand witness accounts from anonymous sources,family members, and friends.

#31 Blood on the Plow

In the 1980’s farmers were dealing with an economic crisis that few had lived through before them. 

Many who had always lived on the money that was generated by the agriculture they grew, were now facing financial ruin. The stress of the situation wreaked havoc on many farms across the Midwest and often that stress led to tragedy. 

On September 25, 1987, police were called to a local Missouri farm by a man who said he had just been shot. When the officers arrived on the scene, what they witnessed could only be described as a nightmare come to life.

#30 Ding Dong Dead: The Murder of Peter Fabiano

Late on Halloween 1957, Peter Fabiano answered the door thinking it was a a child looking for candy. Instead Peter got a bullet right in the chest.

No evidence was left at the scene. Was it a mob hit or did Peter have enemies no one knew about.

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