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251. Best Laid Plans: Teresa Sievers

Come travel to the UK with Jen and Cam!

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On the balmy night of June 28th, 2015, 46-year-old Dr. Teresa Sievers lugged her suitcases through Southwest Florida International Airport. At 4’ 11” tall, Teresa was known as a “little dynamo.” She was intelligent, abrupt, forceful, and, above all, caring. She always wore high heels, and she always spoke in an urgent manner. Nothing was ever blasé when it came to Dr. Sievers.  

 The four members of the Sievers family took a short trip to Connecticut for a family reunion, leaving on Friday, June 26th. Teresa decided to cut her visit short and head back to Florida to prepare for her workload the next week. There was no point in making Mark or their daughters cut their visit short, so she took a solo flight home. Mark dropped her off at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. It was the last time he would see her alive.

Join Jen and Cam as they discuss 'Best Laid Plans:Teresa Sievers.'

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250. Unspeakable Horrors: Gary Heidnik

 Want to travel to the UK with Jen and Cam? Go to and find out how to join the tour, or click HERE. To book, you can call 800-438-7672, and mention the group reference number # 70971994

Today, we are headed to North Philadelphia. It is March 25, 1987, and police are about to enter a run-down home on North Marshall Street. Even though officers were told what they were about to encounter, there was no way anyone could ever prepare for what they saw. The smell hit them first before they even got into the residence. Officers were gagging as they made their way inside, trying desperately to concentrate on the task at hand. A sign outside the home indicated that it was a place of worship, claiming to be the United Church of the Ministries of God, but it was far from that: it was a severely demented man’s torture chamber.

Join Jen and Cam for this episode of Our True Crime Podcast, “Unspeakable Horrors: Gary Heidnik.”
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