Wednesday, July 26, 2023

222. Together Forever: Barbara and Patricia Grimes

 Life in America in the 1950s often conjures up images of an idyllic suburban life. Fueled by unprecedented economic growth after the lean and stressful years of World War II, Americans enjoyed the stability and prosperity that they craved. The innocent and wholesome portrayal of the nuclear family was often depicted in programs like Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver as one where every problem could be solved with a good ol’ heart-to-heart talk and a slice of apple pie.

But look closer, and there are cracks in that fa├žade. The polio epidemic terrified families of the early 1950s, the Cold War raged, and there was little room for divergent views in what had become a homogeneous society. And crime? It existed, even if television shows tried to pretend that it didn’t.
Elvis Presley rocked America socially and literally with his huge hit Heartbreak Hotel in January 1956. Less than a year later, Presley would have a legion of fans and a new movie called Love Me Tender. And it was on a freezing cold night in December of 1956 when two teenage sisters, Barbara and Patricia Grimes, disappeared off South Archer Avenue in Chicago after having seen Love Me Tender for the twelfth time at the Brighton Park Theatre. Their disappearance and subsequent story would be hailed as the crime that stole Chicago’s innocence. It just shone a light on the less than Leave-it-to-Beaver reality.

This case is still open, so if anyone has any information regarding the Grimes sisters case, the Cook County Sheriff’s dept has a page where you can submit information. Link below.

Theresa Grimes is the only sibling left of Barbara and Patricia, and she is in her 80s. It would be amazing if she could see her little sisters get justice.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

221. The Murder of Mark Kilroy

Warning: This episode is graphic. Listener discretion is advised.

It is a rite of passage for many American college students, and that is Spring Break. It’s a time when students can cut loose, drink too much, and make plenty of bad decisions. Whether Palm Springs or Palm Beach, kids flock to the surf, sun, and sand to have a week full of fun. As parents, we know our children are getting older, and we would probably prefer them not to go, but we have to trust them and know they will be ok but…what if the darkness that lurks out there is more evil than we could ever comprehend and it is just waiting for the right moment to strike.

On Wednesday, March 15, 1989, in Brownsville, Texas, two young men came into the station to talk to Chief Investigator George Gavito. The two men tell the investigator their good friend is missing as they explain that they are visiting South Padre Island for spring break. When investigators finally learn what happened to Mark Kilroy, it is indeed the stuff of nightmares.

Join Jen and Cam of Our True Crime Podcast on this episode entitled ‘Murder of Mark Kilroy.’

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

220. There Were Six: The Staudte Family Murders

 Springfield, Missouri, is an unassuming town of historical significance. Located in the southwest portion of the state, Springfield is home to about 170,000 people. And although the city is no stranger to violent crime, as many might remember the now world-famous 1992 disappearance of the Springfield Three, it's mostly a quiet place to live.

Mark and Diane Staudte resided in Springfield with their four children. Mark played the guitar and sang lead for a local band, and Diane was a nurse and the family's primary money maker.

On Easter Sunday, April 8th, the paramedics and police were called to the Staudte home to find Mark unresponsive and without a pulse. Initial examination by the paramedics concluded that Mark had been dead for several hours. Nothing seemed unusual except a ring of blood around his mouth. The coroner ruled Mark died by natural causes.

Mark and Diane's 26-year-old son Shaun would be found dead five months later. It would take the second oldest child, Sarah, to be admitted to the hospital in critical condition before an anonymous caller would ask the police to investigate. They feared the members of the Staudte family were being murdered one by one.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss 'There Were Six: The Staudte Family Murders'

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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

219. Four for the Money: Lowell "Ed" Amos

 It is Saturday morning, Dec 10, 1994, when a phone call from the fancy downtown Atheneum Hotel comes into the police. A hotel guest named Roberta Amos is found dead in the bed. Investigators are sent to the scene.  Police ask the 51-year-old Lowell Amos, who goes by Ed, to recount the hours leading up to when he woke up and discovered his 37-year-old wife dead next to him.  Ed said the previous night, the couple attended a Holiday party thrown by his employer, who booked several hotel rooms for the attendees to stay in. Ed said the couple was having a great time and drinking lots of bubbly when his wife, who goes by Bobbie, started whispering sweet nothings in his ear. The two left the party, but the night was not finished for the couple, who would attend yet another early morning party. What happened to Bobbie is not immediately apparent, but investigators suspect something is amiss. As they begin the investigation, they are led down a twisty path of mysterious deaths.

Join Jen and Cam on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast entitled ‘Four for the Money: Lowell Ed Amos” 

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