Wednesday, December 23, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 12 The St Louis Video Strangler: Maury Travis

 Well, it the very final episode of 2020 and day 12 of our Nightmare Before Christmas series. So far we have traveled back in time and to other countries, like the UK, Australia, and Japan.  In this last episode, we are going into our own backyard.  

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter opens an anonymous letter sent to him from someone praising him for a recent story he wrote about a murdered sex worker. However, this was not the normal fan mail as it included a map with an ‘X’ pointing to where the next dead sex worker would be found dead. Authorities go to the site in West Alton unsure of what they would find. Sadly, ‘X’ did mark the spot but this was just the beginning of a sadistic serial killer who wouldn’t stop until he made a mistake on his home computer.


12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 11 On The Death Ward: Genene Jones

 Health care workers are angels walking on this earth. In the last nine months, these angels have been pulling double duty saving the lives of our loved ones and caring for them when they are sick all while trying to take care of themselves. They often hold life and death in their hands and work so hard to save lives. That is what they do...most of them ...but not all. In 1992, there was a nurse in Texas who would prey on the helpless and most innocent of all: babies.

Join Jen and Cam on Day 11 of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss ‘On the Death Ward: Genene Jones.’

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 10 Hope Forest Murders: Clifford Bartholomew

 On the 10th day of the 12 Nightmare Before Christmas series, Cam and Jen talk about Clifford Bartholomew.

Clifford Bartholomew lived until the ripe old age of 72 and had lived a wonderful life with his wife of twenty-two years and his seven adopted children. When the beloved father and grandfather died, the family knew they would miss him terribly and things would never be the same. What they did not yet know, was the man they loved had a secret and that secret was that he was responsible for one of the worst incidences of a mass family killing in Australia.

Join Jen and Cam on Day 10 of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss ‘Hope Forest Murders:Clifford Bartholomew'

Crime and Punishment; 50 Crimes that Shocked Australia by Alan Sharpe,1358515&hl=de,4083367

Monday, December 21, 2020

12 Nightmare Before Christmas Day 9 The Twitter Killer: Takahiro Shiraishi

 Day Nine and we are taking a plane flight to Zama City,  Japan which is a suburb of Toyko and also home to the United States'  Camp Zama Army base.  The story begins with two investigators from the Metropolitan Police Department's Personal Safety-related Case Comprehensive Countermeasures Headquarters and Takao Station. This unit, which usuallt dealt with stalking, had a much different case on this day in October of 2017. A report had been made about a missing woman who was supposed to met a man she had been speaking to on Twitter and had not been seen since departing to meet him.  Police approach the apartment, and, after a knock on the door, a young man answered. When asked if he knew where the missing woman may be, he replied that he did not know. An astute investigator looked beyond the man and noticed a woman’s purse in his apartment. The investigators didn’t have to pressure him for long about the whereabouts of the missing 23 year old. Minutes later he calmly pointed to a freezer and simply said, ‘in there.”  What the investigators could not yet know what just how many bodies they would soon discover.

Join Jen and Cam on day 9 of Our True Crime Podcast’s the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss ‘Twitter Killer: Takahiro Shiraishi.’

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

12 Nightmare Before Christmas Day 8 The Strathfield Massacre: Wade Frankum

 On August 17, 1991, 33-year-old Wade Frankum wakes for the day. He gets dressed in casual clothes with a beanie on his head and a duffle bag in his hand. Frankum went to the train station to buy a ticket to Strathfield but gave the rail worker, whom he knew, a strange command: "you'd better go home." Frankum then walked away to catch the train to Strathmore, after all, Frankum was on a mission of murder. What would happen later this day would leave a trail of victims and a hero who would rise to the top. 

Join Jen and Cam on day 8 of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss 'The Strathfield Massacre: Wade Frankum' on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast. 

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A huge Thank You to Alan Sharpe. His book was used as my top research for this episode
Crime and Punishment: 50 Crimes that Shocked Australia by Alan Sharpe

Saturday, December 19, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 7 The Trailside Kill: David Carpenter

On August 19 in 1979 Edda Kane went for a hike in a scenic park that overlooked the San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Usually Edda would enjoy these hikes with a friend or two but on this particular day, no one wanted to go with her. When Edda did not return home at the time she was expected, her husband called police. Worried that perhaps she fell and hurt herself, the police put together a search team but sadly, they could not locate her. Her body was found the next day, she had been murdered. What authorities did not yet know was this vicious predator was just getting started his stalking in California’s parks.

Join Jen and Cam on Day 7 of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss ‘Trailside Killer: David Carpenter’ on this Our True Crime Podcast.

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Graysmith, Robert (April 3, 1991), The Sleeping Lady: The Trailside Murders Above the Golden Gate, Onyx, ISBN 978-0451402554

Friday, December 18, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 6 In a Fit of Rage: Leo Held

On the 6th day of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas series, Cam and Jen talk about Leo Held.

Massacres in the workplace have become all too familiar in today’s society, but crimes like these were fairly unheard of in 1967. Sadly that would change one chilly fall morning when Leo Held woke up, got ready for work, kissed his wife goodbye, dropped his children off at school, and then went to his workplace where he unleashed a rampage. The slaughter would not end there as he was not done killing. After all, he was still upset with a few people.

Join Can and Jen as we discuss In a Fit of Rage: Leo Held

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Big thanks to Don Sarvey.  He wrote the book Day of Rampage: Model citizen turns cold-blooded killer in a Pennsylvania small town.

He compiled all the news articles from that horrible day and then interviewed many of the survivors in 2011.  Most of the quotes I’ve used today were taken from his hard work,  Blood sweat and tears go into writing a book and I want to get sure he gets all the credit.

Day of Rage: Model Citizen Turns Cold-Blooded Killer in a Pennsylvania Small Town  Don Sarvey

Thursday, December 17, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 5 The Monster You Never Knew: Bernard Eugene Giles

 On December 10 1973, a young man lured two underage hitchhikers into his car and drove them to the outskirts of town. What the man didn’t know is that he picked the wrong two girls to attack that fall evening. The victims fought viciously with the man. Frustrated, the man took out his gun and fired. Shocked and thrown off guard when the gun misfired, the girls made a run for it and escaped. The woman went straight to the police to tell them what happened. They not only gave police a description of the man and his car, but they also had one other piece of information about this stranger. We never want to think our loved one could be evil but as we all know, there is real evil out there and sometimes it is your brother or son. Sometimes the person you love grows up to be a monster you never knew.

Join Jen and Cam on Day 5 of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas as we discuss ‘The Monster You Never Knew: Bernard Eugene Giles.’

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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 4 Murders at the Black Bear Inn: Christian Nielsen

 Christian Nielson had moved into the Black Bear Bed & Breakfast in Newry, Maine to start a new job helping out owner Julie Bullard. For his few months on the job, things seemed to be going well for the 31-year-old but over Labor Day weekend, Christian’s father would receive an odd phone call from the young man that would cause alarm. When his father drove to the inn to check on him, alarm turned to shock.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss The Murders at the Black Bear Inn: Christian Nielson.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas Day 3 A Ghost in the House: Danny LaPlante

Join Jen and Cam on day 3 of The 12 Nightmares Before Christmas of Our True Crime Podcast as we discuss 'A Ghost in the House: Daniel LaPlante.'

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 For our third nightmare before Christmas, we are going to Pepperall, Massachusets which is located right outside Boston. Your home is your place of peace. It is the place where you can relax and let down your guard. It is the last place you would expect to come face to face with a monster but in the fall of 1986, this quaint northeastern town would become the stuff of nightmares and all at the hands of a teenager.

Monday, December 14, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christas Day 2 The Perfect Son: Brian Blackwell

 Brian Blackwell was described as a great student with brains, doting parents, and a sense of entitlement. When he wanted a better life for himself, he only needed to do a few things. All of these things would require lies to make his fantasy become his reality. It was just a few little white lies to impress his girlfriend. Not a big deal, after all, no one ever died from those types of lies... no one until July 2004. 

On the 2nd day of the 12 Nightmares Before Christmas series, Cam and Jen discuss 18-year-old Brian Blackwell.

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Sunday, December 13, 2020

12 Nightmares Before Christmas 2020 Day 1The Man That Wouldn't Die: Mike Malloy

You know the old you live by the gun, you die by the gun. This tale has all the makings of a 1930’s film noir gangster movie however these men were not very gangster at all--in fact, they would have to return their membership card if they had one. One is goofier than the next. One of my favorites sayings is “You can’t make this s*it up” and boy does this apply to this story.
The scene opens with a motley crew of rough looking fellas talking over whiskeys and trying to come up with a way to make some fast, easy cash. The date is July 1932 and prohibition was still going strong. The setting is in the Bronx as friends, 27-year-old Anthony ‘Tony’ Marino, a speakeasy proprietor, 28-year-old Joseph "Red" Murphy, a former chemist and current bartender at Marino’s speakeasy, 24-year-old Francis Pasqua, an undertaker who owned a local funeral home, and 29-year-old Daniel Kriesberg, who was a grocer and father of three. The final player is a cab driver named Hersey or Harry Green.
The scene opens as these gentlemen are sitting around in Marino’s speakeasy trying to come up with a no-fail plan to make some fast money. One word: insurance. So begins the tale of Mike Malloy, the man who wouldn’t die. 

This is the 1st Nightmare Before Christmas episode of Our True Crime Podcast’s 3rd Annual ‘12 Nightmares Before Christmas.’ We are coming at you with an episode a day for twelve days prior to Christmas helping you ring in the holiday season with a little something for true crime listeners to enjoy as they wrap, shop, cook, clean, and do all the holiday things.
Make sure to tune in each day to catch another episode of Our True Crime Podcast as we count down the days to Christmas.
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Friday, December 11, 2020

106. The Monster in Front of You: Nathaniel White

 He is handsome, well dressed, and polite but most of all he showers you with all the attention that you could ever need. You find yourself falling in love with this amazing guy and maybe, just perhaps, it is with your deep love for him, that you can’t see what is right in front of your eyes because standing right there in front of you is someone that you would truly never really know or want to know. This is the story of serial killer Nathaniel White.

Join Jen and Cam on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast entitled “The Monster In Front of You: Nathaniel White.”

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Friday, December 4, 2020

105. The Soham Murders: Holly Wells & Jessica Chambers Murdered by Ian Huntley



 On August 4, 2002, best friends Jessica and Holly enjoyed a day together after being apart for 2 weeks.  At 8 pm, Holly's mother goes to check on the girls. They had disappeared.

After 2 weeks of what would be one of the U.K.'s largest searches, the two girl's bodies were found. So was the monster who had killed them.

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss the horrible murders of two sweet, young girls.  

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I'd like to give a huge shout out to the following books.  Without them, I couldn't have done this episode correctly.  Although any words I mispronunciations are all my fault. :) I strongly recommend all of these if you want a much deeper dive into this horrible case.  Warning: grab a box of tissues and prepare to be angry.

Goodbye, Dearest Holly: Ten Years On by Kevin Wells

Beyond Evil - Inside the Twisted Mind of Ian Huntley. John Blake.

Flowers In Gods Garden by Bernard O`Mahoney

more sources:

104. Cold Justice: Sonya Ivanoff


 19-year-old Sonya Ivanoff was a standout in her small community of Nome Alaska. Sonja, who moved to Nome about two years prior, had made a name for herself on the basketball court in high school so almost everyone knew Sonya. On the evening of August 10, 2003, Sonja and her friend went out to have some fun. It was near midnight when the friends separated to do other things. When the roommate woke up the next morning and Sonja was not at home, worry set in. Police launch an investigation but with only a 7 person police team, specialists had to be flown in. Officers were working day and night to find out what happened to Sonya. When the truth finally came out, it was not only shocking but had been right in front of them the whole time.

Join Jen and Cam of Our True Crime Podcast as we discuss ‘Cold Justice: Sonya Ivanoff’on this week’s episode.

Promo by our friends Emily and Eileen who join forces to bring you their brand new podcast entitled ‘The Shattered Window,’ an investigative true-crime podcast series hosted by Emily G. Thompson & Eileen Macfarlane.

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