Thursday, September 6, 2018

9. Deathbed Confession: Gina Brooks Angie Housman Connection

 ******A suspect has been charged in Angie's murder*******

******UPDATE BELOW*******

Gina Brooks
Angie Housman
Years after Gina Brooks vanishes 
 and Angie Housman
 had been found dead,

a dying man confesses.

Was he telling the truth? 
  Or was it just another wild goose chase for the police.

Tammy Rose Surdam
Laura Dinwiddie

Tim Bellew
Roots Web : Gina Brooks info
World Now:Prosecutor Drops Murder Charge
Daily Journal Online:Tim Bellow
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STL Today: Angie Housman
Questia: Nathan "Danny" Williams 
Newpapers: Nathan "Danny" Williams
Newspaper: Laura Dinwiddie
Charley Project: Tammy Surdam

Nathan "Danny" Willams
Witness Composite Sketch

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