Wednesday, August 14, 2019

52. No Witness No Crime

To look at Skidmore, Missouri, you would see what many Americans would see. Kids playing in the front yards, men in their older pickups waving at everyone they pass and folks chatting with with each other as they gather in town.
With a population of only 440 people in 1981, everyone in this Missouri town knew each other many had grown up together. They protected each other and, most importantly, they knew when to keep a secret. The town people knew who the good people were, they knew who was a bit of trouble and they also knew that the devil was alive and well and living right there with them in Skidmore, Missouri.

Listener Discretion by the amazing Edward Octoberpod of OctoberpodVHS
Music, editing and sound by the talented Nico at We Talk of Dreams

In Broad Daylight by Harry L Maclean ISBN-10: 1482639874
"The Strange Killing of Ken Rex McElroy". BuzzFeed Unsolved. Season 3.

"Bully" by Phoebe Judge". Criminal Podcast. 2017-05-05

Also check out the Documentary “No One Saw A Thing” on Sundance

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