Wednesday, September 23, 2020

93. Living a Lie: Mary and Chester Burge


Today we are going back in time where things were a bit more simple. There was no internet or cable tv and children played outside unsupervised until the street lamps came on. Everyone went to church on Sundays in their Sunday best and the American dream was to get married to your true love, own a house, and have 2.5 kids. The year is 1960 and we are going to pay a visit to Macon, Georgia and while a lot has changed in the past 60 years, some things never change like greed, lust, and murder. Join Jen and Cam as we discuss 'Living a Lie: Mary and Chester Burge' on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

Just like always, our listener discretion is provided by the dreamy voiced Edward October from @octoberpodVHS and all our awesome (original) music and editing is provided by Nico from @wetalkofdreams. 


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