Friday, March 26, 2021

115. Killing A Lie: Bart Whitaker


Ethan wrote us another great script!  Thank you, Ethan!

The Whitaker's were a perfect family. They were well known in the affluent city of Sugar Land Texas. But things aren't always what they seem.  On the evening of  Dec. 10, 2003, the family of four were gunned down as they returned home from a celebratory dinner.  Mom, Tricia Whitaker, a retired teacher, and her youngest son 19-year-old, Kevin, died from their injuries. The dad, Kent, and oldest son Bart survived.

Originally, police thought the Whitakers had interrupted a burglar but what they uncovered was a conspiracy to commit murder.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss Killing a Lie: Bart Whitaker

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Producer, editing and music by Nico Vettese

Written by Ethan

Promo from Mike at Murder Mile


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