Saturday, August 7, 2021

134. Bloody Christmas at the Drama Club: Robert LeCompte


It was early Christmas morning 2009 in Houma, Louisiana when just after 3 am a call comes into the police. The man on the phone was the owner of a local bar called the Drama Club. He tells officers that his friend and manager of the Drama Club, Robert LeCompte, called him to let him know he was leaving for home. When Robert didn’t arrive home, police were sent to check out the bar. Once inside, police find a gruesome scene with blood everywhere and a lifeless body on the floor. Who would want to hurt Robert? Join Jen and Cam on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast entitled “Bloody Christmas at the Drama Club: Robert LeCompte. 

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  1. Hello! First I'd like to say, I've been enjoying your podcast very much. I ran across your 12 nightmares before Christmas a week or two ago and have been binging all of the episodes since then.
    I just started listening to episode 134, and I know y'all try really hard on pronunciations, so I thought you might appreciate some advice (on the off chance you have to do another story set here) on how to pronounce Houma, La- "home-ma" not "hue-ma"

    (yes, I am aware you released this a year and a half ago and that you probably have heard this already, but on the possibility you hadn't...)

    anyway Thank you for producing the show! i really enjoy it and look forward to listening to it more.