Thursday, September 23, 2021

138. The Brutal Murder of Celeste Fronsman

 Early on a Sunday morning, a man was driving along Ohio Route 208 when he noticed a woman lying in the middle of the road, As he got closer the woman picked herself up and threw herself at the truck begging for help and screaming that somebody was trying to kill her.

The woman was severely burned and covered in scratches from dragging herself a quarter of a mile through branches and undergrowth. The man got out of his truck, laid her down in the grass, and gave her a blanket to cover her naked body before he placed a call to 911.


Join Jen and Cam as we discuss The Brutal Murder of Celeste Fronsman.  This one is pretty gruesome.

***The episode was researched and written by Fern from Evidence Of A Crime.  Thank you Fern for your top-notch work. We appreciate you.***

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Music, Sound, and Editing by Nico Vettese

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