Thursday, October 7, 2021

140. From Debt to Death Row: Maureen "Miki" McDermott

 We're are going back to the mid-80s with this case. 1985.   Police Academy 2 was a box office smash and holding on to number 1 at the box office for 4 weeks and We Are The World by USA for Africa was the number 1 song. Coca-Cola released New Coke and women’s hair was as high as a stockbroker on Wall Street.

Stephen Eldridge 27year old and 37 years old Maureen “Miki” McDermott were pretty much inseparable from the night they met through mutual friends at a gay bar called In Touch Lounge in Van Nuys, California. Miki was about 10 years older than Stephen but they both were gregarious people and loved being the center of attention.

They were great friends. least one of them thought so.

Join Cam and Jen as we talk about Stephen and Miki in From Debt to Death Row.

Big thanks to these amazing men

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