Wednesday, November 10, 2021

144. A Family Shattered: Becky Watts, Bristol's Angel

 Cam and Jen are going to St George, Bristol, England in this listener-requested episode.

Thursday, February 19, 2015, started like any other day. Dad, Darren, had left early for work. His wife, Anjie, was getting ready for a doctor’s appointment when their 16-year-old daughter Becky knocked on the door. She was coming home from spending the night at a friend’s house and her key didn't work. Becky went up to her room and was never seen again.

Everyone is stunned when Becky's dismembered body is found close to home.  Even more shocking was the person who confessed to her murder.

Make sure you listen to the promo for DNA ID from AbJack Entertainment

Thank you to OctoberpodVHS for our listener discretion.  Please check out his YouTube channel
for amazing creepy stories. You may even hear Cam and Jen on a few.

Thank you to Nico for the toe-tapping theme music, plus sound and editing.


Evil Within by Darren Galsworthy.

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