Friday, February 25, 2022

153. Dead Side Manner: Dr. Dale Cavaness

 Today we are venturing back to a time when small towns had small-town doctors. These doctors were not only fixtures of the community, these men and women made house calls and knew all their patients and all their ailments. If Mr. Smith couldn’t pay, no problem. If Mrs. Robert’s’ infant spiked a fever, the doctor would be there within the hour. Doctors took an oath. ‘first do no harm’ but maybe just maybe not all doctors are good. In fact, maybe there are a few doctors whose bedside manner is more like dead side manner. This is one such doctor.

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss ‘Dead Side Manner: Dr. Dale Cavaness’ on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

The listener discretion is courtesy of our friend Edward October from @octoberpodVHS

The music is by our executive producer Nico @wetalkofdreams

Murder in Little Egypt by Darcy O’Brien

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