Tuesday, May 3, 2022

163. All for the Money: Black Widow Judy Buenoano

A woman comes out of the river water screaming for help. Frantic and barely able to get the story out, tells the man that she and her two sons were on a boat, and the boat capsized and her oldest son is missing. As police begin to question Judy about the accident, things become questionable from the start. Judy changes her story. In fact, she tells them 4 different stories. She tells officers that they were enjoying the day in the canoe, when they must have hit a tree stump and then tells another officer a snake hopped into the canoe and they panicked and turned it over. It is clear to investigators, things are not what they seem. What authorities do not yet know, is that many things have happened over the years around Judy and they were never what they seem. Join Jen and Cam on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast entitled 'All for the Money: Black Widow Judy Buenoano.'
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