Monday, September 12, 2022

SPECIAL: Our Precious Hope Revisited: St. Louis' Little Jane Doe

 Back in 2018, we covered this case with our first episode of The 12 Nightmares before Christmas. It is the most infamous unsolved murder in the state of Missouri. The case is open, and the child's identity is still unknown.

It was February 1983 when two men enter the basement of 5635 Clemens Avenue, a derelict and vacant apartment building in northwest St. Louis, and stumble upon a grisly scene that would haunt the authorities and the community for years. 

The 40th year anniversary is upon us, and a St. Louis local is fighting to get St Louis’ Jane Doe, known as Precious Hope, not only her name but the justice she deserves. 

Listen now on this special Our True Crime Podcast episode as we speak to Edrar ‘Bird’ Sosa, director of the documentary “Our Previous Hope Revisited: St Louis’ Jane Doe,” which is premiering on Amazon Prime on September 15, 2022. 

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