Thursday, October 13, 2022

185. Children of Thunder: Cult of Killers

 We are headed to a small town named Woodacre which is located right outside of San Francisco, California. It is Marin County which is beautiful if you have never been there, truly postcard pretty. The town is a small community where the center of the action is a bar named The Paper Mill Saloon where the locals meet to catch up and unwind. Bartender Jennifer Villarin worked hard to make all the patrons welcome.  It was August 2nd, 2000 and Jim had brought Jenny dinner and Jenny closed up the bar around 11 pm. The two made their way home. It was right around 5 am when the neighborhood heard gunshots ring out. The police were called to the residence and arrived on the scene to discover two people had been shot and killed. The studio apartment was located behind a house, meaning that the killer had to know that an apartment was located. Jim Gamble's body was on the ground next to the bed as if he got out of bed when he was shot. Jenny was in bed. Both had no clothes on. The only evidence that they found was 9 mm-caliber gunshot shells which they believe came from a semi-automatic pistol. Two were used for Jenny and four were used for Jim.  The community was in shock as no one could imagine killing this much loved couple. Before all is said and done, there would be five victims and a bizarre tale of worship, fraud and murder. 

Join Jen and Cam on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast entitled “Children of Thunder: Cult Killers.”

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