Wednesday, June 21, 2023

217. Web of Lies: Cherrylle Dell

 It is March 17, 1997, and the day is winding down for Killaloe Ontario police superintendent Ken Leppert. As he leaves the Ontario Provincial Police dept, he is greeted by 39-year-old Nancy Filmore. The visibly upset woman demands to speak to a detective. As the two sit down, Nancy tells the detective she is there to talk about Cherrylle Dell. She blasts into name-calling, directed at the 42-year-old widow and mother of three, Cherrylle. Nancy goes on to say that Cherrylle has been opening accounts of credit under fake names and reporting bogus burglaries to gain insurance money. When asked if she could prove her allegations, Nancy said no, leaving the detective with little to go on. He takes her statement and files it away for now. When asked how she knows Cherrylle, Nancy said they used to date, but the relationship ended and not on a good note. Nancy adds that she is suing Cherryll, claiming that her ex-lover stole money and clothing from her. Now the detective wonders if this is just a scorned lover out for revenge, but this is only the beginning. As Nancy is telling the detective this long detailed story, Nancy messes up and tells a little too much…it is too late now. She could not go back. The detectives knew there was much more to this story than revenge and a jilted lover. Nancy is clearly scared of implicating herself...but in what and why?

Join Jen and Cam from Our True Crime Podcast as we discuss ‘Web of Lies: Cherrylle Dell.”

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