Wednesday, July 26, 2023

222. Together Forever: Barbara and Patricia Grimes

 Life in America in the 1950s often conjures up images of an idyllic suburban life. Fueled by unprecedented economic growth after the lean and stressful years of World War II, Americans enjoyed the stability and prosperity that they craved. The innocent and wholesome portrayal of the nuclear family was often depicted in programs like Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver as one where every problem could be solved with a good ol’ heart-to-heart talk and a slice of apple pie.

But look closer, and there are cracks in that fa├žade. The polio epidemic terrified families of the early 1950s, the Cold War raged, and there was little room for divergent views in what had become a homogeneous society. And crime? It existed, even if television shows tried to pretend that it didn’t.
Elvis Presley rocked America socially and literally with his huge hit Heartbreak Hotel in January 1956. Less than a year later, Presley would have a legion of fans and a new movie called Love Me Tender. And it was on a freezing cold night in December of 1956 when two teenage sisters, Barbara and Patricia Grimes, disappeared off South Archer Avenue in Chicago after having seen Love Me Tender for the twelfth time at the Brighton Park Theatre. Their disappearance and subsequent story would be hailed as the crime that stole Chicago’s innocence. It just shone a light on the less than Leave-it-to-Beaver reality.

This case is still open, so if anyone has any information regarding the Grimes sisters case, the Cook County Sheriff’s dept has a page where you can submit information. Link below.

Theresa Grimes is the only sibling left of Barbara and Patricia, and she is in her 80s. It would be amazing if she could see her little sisters get justice.

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