Wednesday, August 23, 2023

226. Massacre in Muskegon: The Privacky Family Murders

 In many ways, the Privackys were your average American family. They lived in western Michigan, in rural Dalton township just north of Muskegon. It's a place where amazing sunsets can be witnessed on Lake Michigan, and dazzling Northern Lights can be seen in the winter.

The family consisted of Stephen Privacky, aged 50, a fifth-grade science teacher at Reeths-Puffer Intermediate School in Muskegon for twenty-five years; his wife Linda, aged 49, was a receptionist at a doctor's office; and their two sons. Jedidiah was 19 and a freshman at Muskegon Community College, and Seth, aged 18, was a senior at Reeths-Puffer High School.

Around noon on November 29th, the already tense family relationships were strained to the breaking point when Seth and his father had yet another fight. Only this time, his father told Seth that he wanted him to move out of the house. This enraged Seth, who claimed that his father never had anything positive to say to him.

Steve left the house around 12:45 to pick up his father, John Privacky, and bring him back to their home for dinner, and Linda decided to take a quick shower. Jed made himself comfortable on the couch in front of the TV.

Seth went upstairs to his parent’s bedroom and took the gun out of his father’s closet. While the aromas of Thanksgiving dinner filled the house, Seth loaded his dad’s .22 caliber Ruger.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss 'Massacre in Muskegon: The Privacky Family Murders.'

Written and researched by Lauretta Allen
Listener Discretion by Edward October from OctoberpodVHS
Executive Producer Nico Vitesse of The Inky Paw Print

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