Wednesday, September 13, 2023

229. A Mother's Intuition: Ashley Wilson

 We are headed to the great state of Texas, Houston, to be exact. Renee and her 19-year-old daughter Ashley Wilson are very close, talking often, usually every day. There was no answer when Renee tried to reach out on the phone to have their usual chat. Usually, this may scare Renee, but she thought she knew why. Ashley had called her mom a few days earlier to tell her she had some news, and that news came with lots of crying in about nine months. Renee thought Ashley was upset with her as her, as Renee told Ashley there would have to be some changes in her life with a baby coming. One of those changes included moving back home. Ashley, who had just moved out, had been in a terrible car accident with severe injuries. Ashley took a long time to heal and was proud of her new independence. On January 19, 2004, a call came into the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office. Renee is shocked to find her sweet daughter dead inside her apartment. Around her neck is the cord she wore around her neck at her high school graduation and a pillow over her head. Ashley had hanged herself, but Renee did not believe this to be the case. Perhaps Renee was wrong, or maybe it was a mother’s intuition.

Join Jen and Cam on this “Our True Crime Podcast” episode entitled ‘A Mother’s Intuition.’

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