Wednesday, November 29, 2023

240. Picture Perfect: Karla Brown

 It was the summer of 1978 in America. The minimum wage was 2.65 an hour, the Bee Gees ruled the pop music airwaves, and Star Wars enjoyed a rerelease in select theaters nationwide. On the east side of the Mississippi River, just thirty minutes from St. Louis was the small residential town of Wood River, Illinois, where summer activities like fishing, swimming, and backyard barbecues were in full swing. Most of the residents of Wood River had lived in the town their whole lives and considered it the best of both worlds.

Karla Lou Brown, aged 22, felt the same way. When she and Mark, her boyfriend of five years, decided to move in together, there was no place that they’d rather live. They bought a home right in the center of Wood River.

Karla adored her boyfriend Mark, who was a few years older, but so far, he had been reluctant to make a long-term commitment regarding their relationship. When Mark finally suggested they buy a house together, she immediately said yes. Karla was the happiest she had ever been in her life.

That happiness lasted for one day.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss "Picture Perfect: Karla Brown".

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Source: (John Prante's arrest for murder) (neighbor's testimony and arrest for lying) trial (trial; John Scroggins and Mark Fair testimonies)

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