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243. Coffee, Crackers & DNA: The Wichita Falls Serial Killer

 On a cold January night in 1985, just outside Wichita Falls, Texas, a bloodied and naked Toni Jean Gibbs tumbled from an abandoned trolley car where she had just been brutally raped and stabbed. Her attacker, knowing his job was done and that her death was inevitable, had already fled the scene, driving away in Toni’s brand-new Camaro.

Stumbling through the dark across the thick and scratchy grass of a north Texas grazing field, Toni, in a state of shock, ran for help. When she could run no further, she stumbled to the ground and pulled herself along on her belly. But there was nobody around to help. There was nothing around for miles. Maybe Toni just wanted to ensure that her body would be found. She wouldn’t be stuck in that rusty heap of metal, rotting away for years, while her family wondered what had happened to her. Finally, when she could crawl no more, 23-year-old Toni Jean rolled over onto her back, looked up at the endless starry sky twinkling above her, and took her last breath.

It would be almost a month before her remains were found, and the Wichita Falls police would eventually tie the murder of Toni Gibbs to several other murders in the area, and early DNA science would squash any doubt that it was the technology of the future.

Top Row: Terry Sims, Toni Gibbs, Ellen Blau
Bottom Row: Debra Taylor, Tina Kimbrew

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss "Coffee, Crackers & DNA: The Wichita Falls Serial Killer"

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