Wednesday, June 19, 2024

265. You're Next: The Abbotsford Killer

 It was 1996, and all anybody could talk about in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada was the Abbotsford Killer. A few months before, a sadistic, barbaric individual had beaten two girls with a baseball bat, raped one, and thrown her body in the Vedder River.

The killer taunted the police and terrorized an entire community of 108,000 people by promising that there would be more bodies. And he was still at large. People, especially women, were terrified to go anywhere.

What would make somebody do something like that? What would make him taunt the police and terrorize the victim’s family? 

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss You're Next: The Abbotsford Killer

Thank you to our team:
Written and researched by Lauretta Allen
Listener Discretion by Edward October from OctoberpodVHS
Executive Producer Nico Vitesse of The Inky Paw Print


a (mother turns him in) (Tanya's mother) (right before arrest police release more info) (Terry Driver arrested) (guy next door) (Trial begins) (additional assault charges) (trial begins) (the ol' I raped her but didn't kill her defense) (reward money debate) (some opinions on the Driver family filing for the reward money) (Verdict) (fall out) Judge's comments)  I SURVIVED S5 E 6    THE DEVIL YOU KNOW S2 E6

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