Wednesday, September 25, 2019

56. Carnage in the Canary Islands

The Alexanders were not your normal family.  In 1940s, Harald Alexander dove deep into the German religious sect of the Lorber Society. 

This sect deemed everyone outside the religion was "dirty" so the family slipped away from society, keeping only to themselves.

When his son Frank was born in 1954, Harald claimed he was the Messiah or Prophet of God.  Everyone in the family gave into each and every one of Frank's desires.

Rumors started circulating in Hamberg about the Alexanders and the police started coming to their house.  This prompted Harald to pack up the family and move to 37 Jesús Nazareno in the town of Santa Cruz on Tenerife.

Soon the Alexanders would be apart of a blood bath that would be known as the most horrific crime to occur on Tenerife.

Join Jen and Cam as they discuss Carnage in the Canary Islands

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