Wednesday, September 25, 2019

57. Alone in the Dark: The Savage Murder of Peggy Reber

1968 is considered to be the most turbulent year in US history. The assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr and Robert Kennedy. The Tet Offensive of the Vietnam war that killed hundreds US soldiers and wounded thousands more.  Riots and protests were happening not only in the US but all over the world.  And let's not forget the Zodial Killer took his first victims in December of that year.

But there's one violent death you won't find on Wikipedia-at least not to date.  The brutal murder of 14 year old Peggy Reber.
Her murderer is still out there.

Join Cam and Jen as we discuss the case of a young girl who was left alone for the weekend and savagely attacked in her own bedroom.

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Justice DENIED The Unsolved Murder of Peggy Reber by Michelle Goodwin

plus various articles found on from the Lebanon Daily News from years 1968-1970

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  1. I just finished listening to this & you did a great job reporting on something with very little information at hand.

    I live outside of Lebanon (we pronounce it Leb-i-nin) I talked to my mom who said that the comfort station was located on 9th & Cumberland st underground where the farmers market & Colonial theater used to be located. One side for ladies & one side for men, you could pay to take a shower & there were pay toilets for 5 or 10 cents she couldn't remember.

    Side note my mom had a story she was pregnant with me & shopping with her mom & they went there & a cop pulled her aside & told her she should be in school. She had already graduated high school.

    My mom remembers when the whole thing happened.