Wednesday, October 23, 2019

61. The St Aubin Axe Murders

Benny Evangelist immigrated to the United States in 1904 from Naples.  The devout Catholic started going into trances where he claimed to have visions from God.

Soon, Benny was starting his own religion and writing his own Bible.

Benny then began to sell love potions, hexes, and amulets and would charge upwards of $10 a day for his services.  Within no time, Benny was seeing around 75 people a day.
wax and paper mache dolls found in Benny's house

wax and paper mache dolls found in Benny's house

On July 3, 1929 Benny's real estate agent came by to finish some paperwork on a farm Benny was purchasing.  What the man found would shock the community and become one of Detroit's most gruesome murders.
Crowd gathers as the Evangelist's bodies are taken to the morgue

The macabre funeral parade to the Evangelist's funeral

Evangelist house then and the land where it once stood.

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