Thursday, October 10, 2019

58. Dead on the Water

Craig Alaska is a beautiful fishing town on the coast of Alaska located about 1000 miles south of Anchorage. The final fishing weekend has come to a close. The docks are full of the people turning in their last big catch so on September 5, 1982 when a fancy fishing boat named The Investor comes to the docks, it catches a lot of attention. It was not your ordinary working boat. It was a 58 foot fishing vessel with all the bells and whistles that would have cost over $800,000. It stood out among all the others.

 The following morning, people noticed the boat was not docked but floating aimlessly out at sea. What would happen next would shock onlookers and create more questions than answers … some of those questions remain unanswered to this day. Join Jen and Cam as we discuss Dead on the Water on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

Our True Crime Podcast is researched and written by hosts Cam and Jen. The show is produced and edited by Nico @wetalkofdreams.
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