Thursday, February 13, 2020

73. The Tragic Death of Amora

*Warning: today’s episode is extremely graphic and contains details involving child abuse. Listener discretion is advised.
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Blaine Milam, 18 years old, had just been released from jail and was now deemed a sex offender. It was shortly after his ‘self-imposed’ release that he met Jessica Carson.  Jessica was still in high school in January 2008 when she fell for Blaine. Jessica, however, was not just a high school teen--she was a mom to a baby girl by the name of Amora, which means ‘love.’  While this threesome would join together and create the perfect family they had always dreamed about, this time would not last. Mental illness, drug abuse and religious delusions set in and all come to together ending with a murder of the most innocent.

Join Jen and Cam on Our True Crime Podcast as we discuss ‘The Tragic Death of Little Amora.’

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Herzog, Werner: On Death Row

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