Thursday, February 27, 2020

75. The Mornington Monster: Family Annihilator John Sharpe


****Warning****  This episode is not for the squeamish.You have been warned.

Mornington, Victoria Austria is a quiet coastal town that is located about 35 miles or 57 kilometers south of Melbourne. Many folks from Melbourne take day trips to visit the beaches and wineries that Mornington has to offer.

On May 26, 2004, 37 John Sharpe, a lifelong resident of Mornington goes on TV to plead for anyone with any information about his wife and daughter who have been missing since the end of March.
Although John seems like a concerned father, his body language makes the public suspicious. There seems to be more to the story that the tale John Sharpe is telling but no one is prepared for the truth.

Join Jen and Cam as they discuss the Mornington Monster, Family Annihilator John Sharpe.

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Crime Investigation Australia  Season 1 Episode 5

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