Wednesday, January 20, 2021

 On August 20th, 1979  civil lawyer Wallace Schwartz gets a phone call at 2:12 AM When he answers he hears his friend, 38-year-old Albert Fentress, in a low emotionless tone, say he is going to kill himself because he did something awful, something unthinkable. The story that Albert would tell his friend Wallace would be a tale of cannibalization, mutilation, and murder involving a teenager. The man who committed this heinous crime would become the darling of prison officials but the question remains: Did Albert lose touch with reality that summer afternoon or did Albert know exactly what he did and how to get away with it? 

Join Cam and Jen on this episode as we discuss Albert Fentress: New York's Own Hannibal Lector.

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This is the paper written by Judge Rosenblatt Jen was talking of

Also, the fiction book written by a former student. It is NOT about Fentress. Jen


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