Thursday, January 28, 2021

109. Honor Thy Father or Die: Eddie Sexton

 Eddie Sexton was an ordained minister so all those in town knew him and he was the go-to guy who could marry you and fast with little fuss. Eddie and his wife, Estella May had 12 children in all, seven boys and five girls. From the outside, this large church-going family seemed to be an ideal family but we all know looks can be deceiving and in this case, twisted and deadly. This is a story about a father who ruled with an iron fist by instilling fear, among other things, to get exactly what he wanted. After all, he always got what he wanted because if he didn't there would be hell to pay.
Evil Lives Here" Fear Thy Father (TV Episode 2018) - IMDb
Join Jen and Cam as we discuss "Honor Thy Father or Die: Eddie Sexton" on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

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