Wednesday, June 15, 2022

170. Long Road To Justice: Lisa Kimmell

 Friday, March 25th, 1988, Lisa got in her Honda and headed north. She would take Interstate 25 to Casper, Wyoming, and from there she would take the mostly two-lane US-20/26 to Greybull, where she would then finish the trip at her boyfriend's house in Cody, Wyoming, on US14. She’d planned to stay the night there and make the remaining hour-and-a-half trek to Billings the next morning with her boyfriend in tow.  

When Lisa Marie didn’t arrive at Ed's house in Cody, as planned, he was immediately worried and called her parents.  Lisa was nowhere to be found. She had vanished somewhere on her 600-mile journey home.

Lisa's case would go cold for 14 years until DNA would link authorities to her killer.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss 'Long Road To Justice: Lisa Kimmell'.

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Researched and written by Lauretta Allen


The Murder of Lil Miss: A Mother's Brutal 16-Year Fight for Justice

by Sheila Kimmell

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Billings Gazette:

On The Case with Paul Zahn Season 5: Episode 4 No One To Trust paragraphs 147-170

!Rivers of Blood (book 2009) by Robert Scott excellent article,%20Dale%20Wayne.pdf

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