Wednesday, August 24, 2022

179. Fighting for Katie Palmer: An Interview with John Palmer

 Earlier this month, Cam and Jen sat down with John Palmer and discussed the tragic accident that took his wife Katie's life. 

​April 21st, 2020, in Denison, Texas, situated on the border of Oklahoma. Thirty-eight-year-old Katie Palmer decided to take an early morning walk with her husband, John Palmer,   hoping to see the nesting spot for a bird known as a killdeer.

As the couple was returning home, they walked along Glenwood Drive at 7:45 A.M, on the left-hand side, facing the traffic, as pedestrians are supposed to do in Texas. Glenwood Drive also did not have dividing paint lines; it’s just an open road where drivers know to stay on their side. It’s wide, it’s flat, and there is nothing on it to hinder a person’s view. The sightline is over 600 feet, and the maximum speed limit is 30 miles per hour.

​About 1/5th of a mile from their home, a Ford F-250 pickup truck crossed from the right-hand side of the road to the left-hand side of the road and struck Katie and John as they were walking. The vehicle struck Katie and Josh with such force that it knocked them out of their shoes. Katie landed 75 feet away, and John landed 70 feet away. For a little context, 75 feet is equivalent to the height of a six to seven-story building.  Katie wouldn't survive.

The driver of the truck, a neighbor named Cory Foster, has a driving record filled with DUIs, speeding, and reckless driving, yet he was able to walk away from this scot-free. 

Everything about Katie's case has been mishandled. Trust us, it will get your blood boiling. 

Thank you to John Palmer for coming to the show. We know the road to justice is exhausting, but we will stand beside you in your journey and fight.

Please go to the following links for more information and updates on Katie's case.

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If you would like to donate in Katie's name:

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