Wednesday, October 11, 2023

233. Visions: The Murder of Tracey Schoettlin

 Today, we are en route to Birmingham, Alabama, where we'll meet Tracey Schoettlin, a 26-year-old with big aspirations. In the summer of 1986, Tracey worked as a waitress at the Southpoint American Cafe while diligently preparing for the LSAT, the crucial exam for law school admission. She took the LSAT multiple times until she achieved the necessary score for acceptance into Samford Law School. Her ultimate aim was to become a lawyer and serve an underserved community. Tracey's determination and ambition indicated that she was well on her way to realizing her dreams. On the fateful evening of July 13, 1986, Tracey left the restaurant around 11 p.m. intending to head home. Tragically, she never reached her destination. As the investigation unfolded, the circumstances surrounding her murder were deeply disturbing and nearly unbelievable. This homicide case would ultimately evolve into one of the most extensive criminal investigations in Jefferson County. The perplexing question remained: What could have motivated someone to inflict harm upon this young woman?

Join Jen and Cam of Our True Crime Podcast on this episode entitled ‘Visions: The Murder of Tracey Schoettlin.’

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