Wednesday, October 18, 2023

234. The Fatal Exorcism of Joan Vollmer

 On February 1st, 1993, a minister was summoned to a house off Dimboola Road in the outback town of Antwerp, Australia. When he arrived, he was greeted by a man named David Klingner, who said, “It’s a long story,” as he led the pastor into the house. Inside, the minister was overcome by a foul stench. Blowflies were buzzing around the house, attracted to the putrid smell of decay. The minister was pretty confident that whoever they had called him for was beyond saving.

​He made his way past a group of people who were calmly eating their lunch at the kitchen table into a bedroom where the swollen remains of 49-year-old Joan Vollmer lay fully dressed on a mattress. The minister immediately phoned the police, and a constable was sent to the house.

When Constable Michael Arnott arrived, he spoke to the dead woman’s husband, 54-year-old pig farmer Ralph Vollmer. After just a few moments, the constable understood the situation as thus: Ralph’s wife had been possessed by ten different demons, and she had died as a result of her “deliverance,” otherwise known as an exorcism.

Join Jen and Cam as they discuss "The Fatal Exorcism of Joan Vollmer."

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Written and researched by Lauretta Allen
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Sources: --Interesting opinion piece on the matter

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