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247. Death of a Butterfly: Heather Palumbo-Jones

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The entertainment district of Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, draws people from all over the world to participate in its blues music and dine on the famous Memphis-style barbecue.

Home of Sun Studios and Graceland, it’s often referred to as the birthplace of rock-n-roll. So, it might surprise some people to find a little hotspot, an inconspicuous-looking (in kun spic yoo us) building, where the Latin beats pulse through the crowd of dancers. They go there for the salsa dancing with its fast, syncopated celebration of life. Dancers are bathed in pink and purple lights and sweat the night away.

It was there, in that little rumba room, where Heather Palumbo-Jones would spend one of her last happy nights on earth, wearing a brand-new dress and a big beaming smile. She danced for three hours with one of her best friends, something she might not have even been able to do just a year or two earlier.

It would turn out to not just be one of Heather's last happy nights on earth; it was one of her last nights on earth, period.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss 'Death of a Butterfly: Heather Palumbo-Jones.'

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Sources: (Obituary) Season 23 episode 33

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