Wednesday, February 28, 2024

249. The Speedboat Killers: The Deaths of Charlotte Brown & Nancy Manni

 Sometimes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can have deadly consequences. Sometimes, it's not just the place that's the problem; it's the who that you're with. In the two cases we discuss in this episode, neither of these men intended to kill their victims. They did not set out that morning to take the life of another human being. Nor did they gain anything from the demise of their victims. But they were responsible for their deaths all the same.

The first case is in London, England, where twenty-four-year-old Charlotte "Charli" Brown from Essex had been looking for love on Tinder for some time but had had no luck. She wasn't interested in having a good time; she was looking for a long-term relationship. Before long, she began talking to a thirty-year-old web designer named Jack Shepherd. On December 8th, 2015, a Tuesday night, Jack took Charlotte to a restaurant on the 32nd floor and wined and dined her. Everything was going well until Charlotte was killed in an accident involving Jack Shepherd's speedboat.

The second case is a request from Jenn K on behalf of her mother. Thirty-one years ago, on August 30th, 1993, the body of a 33-year-old Nancy Lynn Manni was found floating in the Chesapeake Bay just 250 yards from the Cove Point Lighthouse in Cove Point, Maryland. Nancy had lacerations on the back of her legs and buttocks, which were most likely made from a propeller. The coroner felt that Nancy had been alive and trying to swim away when she was run over by a boat. It would take years and being featured on Unsolved Mysteries to discover who was responsible for Nancy's death.

Join Cam and Jen as we discuss 'The Speedboat Killers: The Deaths of Charlotte Brown & Nancy Manni.'

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