Thursday, December 6, 2018

20. The Lost Boys: Scott Kleeschulte, Todd 'TJ' Pigg and Ben Hurt

In 1988, nine year Scott Kleeschulte vanished from his neighborhood in the St Charles, Missouri

Two years later, Todd 'TJ' Pigg Jr and Ben Hurt disappeared from the exact same neighborhood.

Everyone in the town kept their children close and preached about Stranger Danger

They never even thought it could be someone that walked among them.

Our awesome listener discretion is voiced by the uber talented Edward October.  Make sure to check out his YouTube channel OctoberpodVHS.  He never disappoints.

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 Link ~ Mostly STL Louis Post Dispatch


  1. You are insinuating false reports. TJ Pugh and Ben Hurt were found. Their killer was Ben Hurt' s older brother. Scott Kleeshulte was never found. Believed to have drowned in the creek. It was very stormy around the time Scott disappeared. Please stop spreading false info and do your RESEARCH!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks for you comment. Although I'm thinking you didn't listen to the podcast and only read what was written on this page. You can listen easily enough by looking to the right of the screen and clicking on episode #20 The Lost Boys.

      In the episode we discuss how Ben and TJ were killed by Ben's older brother and how it shocked the neighborhood. No one suspected another child as the killer especially since the boys were killed using sexual bondage.

      As for Scott Kleeschulte, his case is still open. Although many do feel he was whisked away by a quick rising stream, nothing has every been found to prove it is really what happened. In fact, police are still investigating people that have claimed to have murdered the boy. Two such claims have happened as recently at 2016 and 2018.

      My research for these two heartbreaking cases involved going into the archives of the St Louis Post Dispatch as well as speaking with people that lived in the neighborhood at the time. One was from a man that use to play with Ben and his brother. Of course I left out the rumors and accusations of that were mentioned to me.

      If you are a family member of either child, we would love to have you as a guest on our podcast. we would love to hear a first hand account of the incidents. I'm sure our listeners would too.

      You can email us at or we can easily find you on Facebook. Just let us know!

      Thanks again

      Co-Host of Our True Crime Podcast

    2. thanks for putting this together. i was in TJs class and this was a very sad/scary time to live through as a child.

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  2. At some point, i could tell you everything leading up too, the search, the aftermath,and almost thirty years of carry weight. I was not allowed to go with them that day, and i never saw him again.

  3. Benjamin hurt was my cousin my mothers older brothers youngest child he was 8 when my other cousin lilled him and his friend tj

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