Wednesday, June 26, 2019

47. Brotherly Hate: The Kehoe Boys

Located about 90 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas is a little area called the Illinois Bayou. It has everything that you would think a bayou would have: bogs, marshes and a very prehistoric kind of feel. Locals as well as visitors flock to the area to hit the water and see what kind of goodies they can reel in but sometimes the things that they catch on the other end of the line, is something no one would expect or want. That is exactly what happened, when a couple out for a day of fishing, reeled in a ghastly sight: a body part. Authorities rush to the scene and what they would uncover would only leave more questions and unveil a hidden sect of people who's strong beliefs include anti-government but does it also include murder?
Join Jen and Cam on this edition of OTCP as we discuss Brotherly Love: The Kehoe Boys.
Listener Discretion by the voicely talented Edward October of @octoberpodVHS
All music and editing by the guy who puts up with us way more than any person ever should have to do: Nico @wetalkofdreams
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