Wednesday, June 26, 2019

48. Missing Mistie Murray

On the morning of Wednesday May 31, 1995, Mistie Nicole Murray, age 16, told her parents she would be home late because she had band practice after school. She put on her green nylon Marching Band with the lettering SDHS Girls Band jacket, with "Mistie" on the sleeve and sat in her dad’s red TransAm with the top down, smiling and telling her dad how she will have her driver’s license soon.  Her father, Steve ruffled her hair, made a bad joke about women drivers as Mistie’s mother climbed in the car and they drove off to school. She attended all her classes and even visited the school nurse for reasons that haven’t been made available to the public.  Mistie called her mother, Anne, at the elementary school where her mom worked. The call was made around 3:00 pm but her mother did not answer the call and Mistie didn’t leave a message. This was not unusual as her mom was often busy especially at the end of the school day. What was unlike any other normal school day, Mistie never made it back home.
Join Jen and Cam as we discuss Missing Mistie Murray on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast.

Age-Progression to 28 (2006

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