Wednesday, March 18, 2020

78. To Protect and Serve...and Murder : Gerard Schaefer

On July 21, 1972, a man named Gerard John Schaefer picked up two teenage girls who were hitch-hiking. Schaefer told 17-year-old Pamela Wells and 18-year-old Nancy  Trotter that hitchhiking was illegal in Martin County. It wasn’t, but they were young, so they believed him. What this stranger had planned for these two young teens would, thankfully, not happen. The story these two girls would tell officers would lead to a trail of victims and from an unlikely suspect.

Join Jen and Cam on this Our True Crime Podcast episode entitled ‘To Protect and Serve...and Murder.’

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  1. Hi there. His name was actually GERARD Schaefer, not Gerald. Also, the sheriff of Martin County was Robert Crowder, not Richard Crowder. See: