Tuesday, May 18, 2021

119. Crazy In Love: Erin Caffey

 The Caffey family are resting peacefully in their beds in the Emory Texas home when all of a sudden someone bursts through the bedroom door. Shots ring out and both Terry Caffey and his wife Penny are being riddled with bullets. Terry jumps up from his bed even though he was shot and at that time, not even aware of how many times, he rushes out to go to his children. As he is attempting to get to the boys, he heard Matthew, age 13, cry out asking ‘why are you doing this? Why are you doing this?” Shots again ring out. Terry has made it into the hall and is trapped as fire is taking over the house. With nowhere else to go, Terry rushes back into his bedroom. It is at this time, he sees his wife Penny and knows it is too late for her: she is gone. When Terry was gone from the bedroom, a sword the family had on a wall for decoration, had been removed and used on Penny, nearly decapitating her. Terry, shot many times, is now running on adrenaline and knows he needs to get out, to get help because if he dies in this house, no one will know who committed this atrocity to his family. But he knows, he knows who it is and why they did it but what he doesn’t yet know will break his heart and shock the community.

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss ‘Crazy in Love: Erin Caffey’ on this episode of Our True Crime Podcast. Please note this episode was previously released on our Patreon.

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