Wednesday, May 26, 2021

124. The Carnival Mafia : The Murders of Sonny and Pauline Carpenter

 The aroma of hot dogs, churros, and fried twinkies waft over the fairgrounds.  The bright lights, some flashing, some remaining solid with brilliant color, are dazzling to the fairgoer.  The sounds of children laughing, carnival workers barking at the crowds to come play a game, bells dinging, the echo of rides spinning and rolling is what draws the people of Barton County to the annual fair.

Sonny and Pauline Carpenter had spent their retirement selling handmade jewelry and handbags at fairs across the country.  They planned to make the Barton County fair their last before hanging up their vendor life.

Little did they know a "hit" had been ordered on their lives.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss the crazy story of The Carnival Mafia: The Murders of Sonny and Pauline Carpenter.

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