Wednesday, November 2, 2022

188.The Missing Women of Yonne

 About two hours from Paris, the body of 23-year-old Sylviane Lesage was found in a pasture. The case fell into the hands of Constable Christian Jambert.  He was considered an outstanding policeman and a dogged investigator for the National Gendarmerie. 

Sylviane Lasage

Christian Jambert

Constable Jambert began hearing stories of girls that had gone missing in and around Auxerre in the Department of Yonne, just up the road from Rouvray. But they weren’t just any girls. They were teenagers and students, children of the DDASS or Dahs. The missing girls were either foster children who were given up at birth or children who lived in a home for the disabled. They either had no immediate biological family, or their families could not care for them.

Besides the school, the girls had one thing in common. Bus driver Emile Louis.

Emile Louis

Join Jen & Cam as they discuss The Missing Women of Yonne.

P.S. Please excuse Jen's French pronunciations. 

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