Wednesday, November 30, 2022

192. The Monster of Worcester: David McGreavy

 ****This is a brutal episode.  Listener discretion is advised ****

In April of 1973, on Friday the 13th, Elsie Ralph was at work, bartending at the Punch Bowl Tavern in the Rainbow Hill district of Worcester, England. 

At closing time, her husband came to pick her up and left their three young children at home with their lodger, David McGreavy.

Elsie, Dawn, Paul and Samantha

As the couple approached their home, they were met by police, informing them that they could not enter their home. Elsie panicked and begged to know why. The police officer gravely told them, “There’s been a murder.”  The police would not immediately share with the couple precisely who had been murdered or the details of the crime. Elsie became hysterical, and an ambulance medic gave her a sedative. 

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss 'The Monster of Worcester: David McGreavy'

David McGreavy

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