Wednesday, November 16, 2022

190. A Serial Killer Walked In: The Death of Mary Michelle Fleming

 On July 25th, 1980, a couple looked out the window and saw a   young woman running toward their apartment. She had long blond hair, and she was covered in blood. She was also naked from the waist down with her bikini top pulled over her breasts.  The man says to his wife, “If she’s running like that, somebody’s chasing her.” As the girl knocked on the door, Robert swung it open. “Help me,” she muttered and then collapsed onto to the porch. The couple called 911, and Robert covered her up with a sheet.

Police and rescue showed up within minutes. The ambulance whisked the girl off to the hospital while police followed the blood trail across the road to the back door of the apartment on Yale. They had found the crime scene and had identified the victim as Mary Michelle “Mickey” Fleming.

With witnesses coming forward, police are able to identify the killer as Anthony Joe LaRette. 

After he was sentenced, Tony would start confessing to 30 other murders.

Mary Michelle Fleming

Join Jen and Cam as we discuss A Serial Killer Walked In: The Death of Mary Michelle Fleming

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Anthony Joe LaRette

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