Sunday, December 24, 2023

Little White Corvette: Robert Lee Yates Jr Day 12 :12 Nightmares Before Christmas

 We made it to Day 12! We hope you've had a wonderful holiday season!  Thank you all for such a great 2023!  

Most people have heard of the Green River Killer. Washington State’s most notorious serial killer was hard to miss in the 1990s. His moniker and his horrendous deeds could be found in most major newspapers across America. But there was another serial killer preying on society’s weak and vulnerable at about the same time in the exact same state.

While Gary Ridgeway was killing women and dumping them on the western side of Washington, Robert Lee Yates Jr was doing the same thing just four hours to the east on the other side of the state. In fact, at one point, investigators thought that the Green River Killer had just moved his hunting ground. But after a few bodies showed up in Spokane with gunshot wounds and plastic grocery bags wrapped around their heads, they realized that the MO was totally different. With a growing sense of dread, investigators realized that the sex workers and runaways of Spokane were not the victims of the Green River Killer. They were the victims of an entirely different monster.

Join Cam and Jen as they discuss "Little White Corvette: Robert Lee Yates Jr."

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