Tuesday, December 19, 2023

The Backpack Killer: Ivan Milat Day 7: 12 Nightmares Before Christmas

 On Saturday, September 19, 1992, Ken Seily and his companion Keith Caldwell were pursuing their shared passion for running. Both were running club members and regularly trained on various trails within the Belangalo State Forest. They spent a significant part of the day running through the forest, eventually reaching a location known as the "Executioners Drop" due to its steep descent into a deep gorge. However, as they neared this spot, a foul odor began to fill the air. The closer they came to the area, the more intense the stench. Upon reaching their destination, they noticed an unusual mound on the ground, with what appeared to be strands of human hair protruding from it. Upon closer examination, they also observed a shoe fragment emerging from the mound. Sadly, the discovery of this body would be the first of many to come.

Join Cam and Jen from Our True Crime Podcast to discuss The Backpack Killer: Ivan Milat: Day 7 of The 12 Nightmares Before Christmas.

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